Sunday, September 13, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009 - Lake Louise Inn

Today I packed up the girls and the car and we drove into downtown to pick up Dean at 4:30 and we were on the road! We decided to start tonight and drive to Lake Louise and continue on to Jasper on Saturday because we figured the girls couldn't handle that long of a drive plus sit through a wedding all in one day.

We arrived at the Lake Louise Inn around 7pm and I set up Becca's high chair and fed her dinner while Dean went out to try and find something for the rest of us. We didn't want to risk the girls having a public meltdown after the long drive and the only room service they had was pizza which Dean wasn't in the mood for. Dean quickly realized that Lake Louise is isolated with very little take out selection, but found a little place that sold us 2 donairs, a turkey wrap, 3 drinks and 3 brownies for $45. We quickly learned that we should have eaten before leaving Calgary! Oh well, we were on vacation!

We set up Becca's playpen by the door in a closet area so that she wouldn't be right in the room with us and we could make it a little darker there. She was not at all impressed. She screamed at first, but eventually it turned to whimpers and then she got pretty quiet, although I think it was over an hour before she actually fell asleep. I was exhausted and fell asleep quickly in my comfortable bed around 9:45 while Dean and Bella were still awake watching TV. We forgot to take any pictures today :(

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