Thursday, December 31, 2009

Look Out Maui - here we come!

So we had a great time in Maui March 1-16, however I didn't have internet access so no posts to share, but you can check out photos at:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Heading Home

We got up and headed straight to the pool for one last dip and all 6 of us went this time. We headed back to our room to get dressed, pack and check out. By 10am we were all ready to head up to the fabulous buffet breakfast. Mom and Dad and the girls were included in this meal so we all had a good time together.

The drive home was much easier and we were home by 1pm. Can't wait for next year!

Banff - Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dean and Rachel

My decorated nut cracker

Dean and I

Getting ready for the parade

Too cute sisters!

We got to sleep in until about 8:45 this morning which was nice. We ordered a nice room service breakfast and then got ready to visit the pool again. Over all we had a pretty quiet morning. At noon all 6 of us when to the Banff Upper Hot Springs which was new to everyone but me. Mom and Dad loved it, Dean tolerated it, and the girls took some getting used to the heat of the water, but by the end (15 minutes) we were having fun. There was a nice little shallow area - about a foot deep - where the girls could sit and play. It wasn't actually snowing, but there was the odd flurry in the air, paired with the view of the mountains and the cold air made for a neat experience.

The boys and little girls left while Mom and I stayed for massages at the Pleiades Spa on site. Although we both agreed the massages were great, there wasn't much of a "spa" feel to the place, but we had been prepared for this by our good friends Dave and Alana so we weren't disappointed.

Everyone else had lunch back at the hotel but Mom and I walked to Subway to grab a sub and then we all went back to our rooms for a quiet afternoon. We went for a small walk around the hotel and found some friends in the bar. We stopped for one drink, then Mom and I took the girls back to our room to play while Dean and Dad visited longer in the bar.

Dean and I started getting ready for the big party around 4:30 and Mom and Dad took the girls out into Banff for a Christmas Parade of lights. They loved it and we left before they got back. The party was a lovely buffet dinner followed by a dance with a live band. We had a lot of fun visiting and decorating the centre pieces on our table. We headed back to our room around 11:30. We were happy to hear that Becca had fallen asleep at 7:30 - while Bella was at the pool with her Grampy - and then Bella was asleep by 10pm. Dean and I were happy to just go to bed and not worry about any little girls.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow Storm Drive to Banff

We had planned on driving into Banff for Dean's company Christmas party after Isabella finished her preschool today, however we awoke to snow falling and terrible road conditions so we decided to keep Bella home and hit the road earlier. We were lucky to have my parents staying with us also and we packed into the car to go pick up Dean from work at about 10:30 am. After getting gas we picked up Dean shortly after 11am and headed out of Calgary. Before hitting city limits we had to stop and do a bathroom break, but were finally on the road.

There were some scary moments but we eventually arrived safe and snug just after 1pm. We checked into our room and had a nice room service lunch. The Nauglers all hit the hotel pool while Mom and Dad did some walking around Banff. We came back to our room and after failing to get Becca to nap in her playpen we all decided to nap on the beds. We woke up in time to get ready for the Manger's party.

Mom and Dad came over to babysit for us and had a room service dinner with the girls. Dean and I headed out to the Maple Leaf Lounge along with the other Olympia managers for a nice night of cocktails and a fabulous dinner. Dean and I both had the Elk Tenderloin - yum! Just before eating I realized I had lost one of my earrings. I panicked and everyone helped me look all around for it. Turns out that I found it back in my jewelry bag at the hotel room - I had forgotten to put it in!

I headed back to our hotel room around 11:30 to find Bella in bed but still awake and that Becca had only settled down about about 10:45! I got into bed and Dean came back from Wild Bill's around 1am only to find Bella still awake! She finally settled down and we got some sleep.