Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday July 27 - Tennis and Desmonds

This morning we treated ourselves to sleeping in and I think we are finally adjusted to the local time. Bella was up long before us and down watching a movie, while Becca was the last to wake up around 9:30. We had a lazy morning and Bella and I went for a walk while Becca had her morning nap.

We spent a lot of time over in the apartment side of the house were there is an air conditioner and even enjoyed our lunch there. After lunch Dean and Bella went to play tennis. After Becca woke up and had her lunch we walked over to join them. Just the 5 minute walk there was enough to have us dripping with sweat due to the humidity in the air. I had forgotten how bad it could be and we are not adjusting well. After a few games we walked back to the house and got ready to go visiting more family here in Truro.

About 2:30 we arrived at my cousin Kelly's house. We got to see both of her boys - Vonte and Noah and Bella had fun playing on the trampoline and dressing up with their daughter Olivia who is 5. They had a chance to play a lot while Bella had been visiting her grandparents. Becca was pretty good playing on the floor with toys, but after a while we could tell that Bella was getting sleepy (read fussy) so we decided to head out. As we were leaving Glenn arrived home from work and we were able to visit with him for a bit. We made tentative plans to go out on Thursday night - without the kids!

When we got home Becca and Bella both fell asleep immediately. Dean quickly joined them and I finished my book (Salem's Lot) up in our nice air conditioned room.

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