Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beacon Hill Park and Royal BC Museum

Everyone had a nice relaxing rest - except for me who had too much caffeinated tea to actually sleep. We headed out again around 3:30 for Beacon Hill Park. We walked past the beautiful Legislature building and then arrived at the park, all in about 10 minutes. We walked through some beautiful paths surrounded by lush gardens and Bella had a blast playing at the playground. We then continued on to the Children's Farm where there were lots of farm animals to look at and pet. We saw miniature donkeys and a pony, tons of baby goats and sheep, alpacas, chickens, ducks, mice, guinea pigs and lots of peacocks. Bella had a lot of fun and she even got to stop at the playground again on the way out.

On the walk there we had noticed that the Royal BC Museum was open until 10pm so we thought we would check that out. It was approaching 5pm and we saw the museum had a cafe so we thought we would grab a light dinner there, but unfortunately it was already closed. We were directed across the street to The Old Spaghetti Factory by a very friendly security guard. Bella got chicken nuggets and I got seafood fettucini alfredo which was about the quality you would expect from a place of that sort, and Dean got spaghetti and meatballs. I fed Becca her jarred baby food and she was very good at not being messy. She even got to have a lot of bread from the loaf at our table and she really enjoyed that. As an extra special treat she got to try some of my ice cream for the first time. She would make the worst face because it was cold, and then immediately want more. Typical.
We headed back to the museum only now it was 10 minutes before the next on location IMAX movie and there was a huge lineup for admission. Dean toughed it out and after about 15 minutes we were in. It was quite spectacular. The visiting exhibit was from the Royal British Museum called Treasures. It was a collection of some of the most interesting treasures from around the world - mummies, statues, jewellry, etc. Then we entered the Natural History part of the museum and it was predictably my favourite part. The displays for the wildlife in the area were outstanding and looked so realistic that I felt like we were really there. I took one picture that looks like Dean and Bella were at the beach (except for the signs). Unfortunately, the museum was also playing realistic sounds which made Bella quite scared. On the third floor was the Human History section which was also quite well done, but hard to explain. The disappointing part about this floor was that many exhibits were up stairs and so were not accessible to us with our strollers - or those using a wheelchair.

By the end of the Museum tour Becca was sound asleep. We walked back to the hotel to get ready for bed. Because our room was hot we had been leaving the window open (with no screen) to get some fresh air and just 5 minutes ago a seagull landed on our window sill. Bella was the first to notice and although I tried, it took Dean to get up the nerve to walk over and close the window. Good thing he's travelling with us. Off to bed now!

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