Sunday, June 14, 2009

Harbour Ferry Ballet and Tour

This morning was quite like yesterday, but Bella and Dean got to sleep until 7:30. We got up and went to the pool again and then back to the same cafe for breakfast: a round of hot chocolate and pastries. We decided to head out to walk around the waterfront and wait for the Harbour Ferry Ballet at 10:45.

This was a rather overrated, but still unique experience. 5 little Harbour Ferries did a 10 minute choreographed routine to The Blue Danube. A lot of synchronization and near collisions made it cute and entertaining and Bella had fun dancing along (see 3 second video below). After it was over we said goodbye to Dean who needed to register for his conference and we hopped on board for a 45 minute Harbour Tour.

The tour took us around the inner and outer harbour of Victoria and we got to see sailboats, float planes taking off and landing and learned a lot about the history of Victoria. While out in the harbour I saw an area that looked quite retail since Isabella had been asking for McDonalds for days so we when we disembarked we headed in that direction. We found lots of neat places including a McDonalds. We got our food to go back to the room, and while walking back we met up with Dean who was heading out to do some shopping before his first session at 2pm. We all ended up back in the hotel room where the girls and I had our lunch and Becca is now napping.

This afternoon we plan to head to the wax museum!

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