Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wax Museum and Walk

This afternoon wasn't very successful for naps in our room. We did get in some quiet time, but no real sleep. Dean came back and met us at 3pm and we headed out to the Wax Museum. The main floor was a lot of famous people from history and political figures. Bella was kind of creeped out at first, but by the end she knew they weren't alive and she didn't mind it. She even posed for a picture with Dean, Princess Dianna and Prince William. The lower floor had a lot of characters such as Snow White and Alice in Wonderland which Bella really liked. Overall I wasn't a huge fan, but it wasn't very expensive so it was an okay way to spend 30 minutes.
Dean still had some time before his 5pm event so we decided to walk around more than just the waterfront. We are so impressed with Victoria. Everyone is friendly and it is very clean. The whole place seems classy. We walked up and down retail streets not going in anywhere but just checking what was around. Eventually both girls fell asleep for a much needed nap. Dean headed back to the hotel for his event, but I kept walking around so that they would stay asleep. They slept for about an hour and I got many smiles from passers by.
After they both woke up I headed back to our room around 5:15. Becca had her dinner and we waited for Dean to come back. By 6:30 we were all together again and heading out to dinner. We just went across the street, down on the waterfront to Milestone's for a nice dinner and drinks. Becca was quite fussy for the first time the whole trip and she needed to be held a lot, but once we were finished and started moving again she was content in the stroller.
Instead of getting dessert at the restaurant, we opted to head to the Rogers Ice Cream and Soda Shoppe right next to our hotel. Dean and I each created our own sundaes:two flavours of ice cream, with a choice of toppings and sauces. It was very yummy and a nice treat. We headed back to our room and Becca was in bed asleep by 8:30 while the rest of us are watching Treehouse. Tomorrow the girls and I head home around lunch time while Dean stays on to continue his conference, and have some much coveted alone time.
I included a picture of one of the 5 hallways you have to walk all the way down to get to our room - as I mentioned in our first post of this trip - it really is an old hotel that reminds us of the Overlook in The Shining. (That is Bella you see running away, and Dean's legs on one of the sofas)

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  1. Looks like you had a nice vacation. I love the girls' matching outfits and the picture of them sleeping in the stroller! Don't you love having 2 little girls? :)

    I called you last night, not realizing that it was this weekend you were away. All well, I guess you'll get the message when you get home. :)

    Talk soon,