Saturday, March 5, 2011

Friday, March 4 - Exploring Scottsdale

Dean chatting to work on the Phone while we wait in the car...
Palm trees and Starbucks - Dean is in Heaven!

The pool in the backyard

This morning Bella didn't sleep in as we had hoped and she was up by 7am! Fortunately she found her Grammie and Grampy already up so she went to see them. The pool in the back yard was nicely heated to a nice 31 degrees Celcius so the three of them went for a nice long swim. Dean and I got up and got Becca and we all had breakfast. Bella picked some oranges off of the orange tree and helped make some freshly squeezed orange juice.

We all got dressed and the 4 of us went out for a drive to explore. We found a drug store (Walgreens) to pick up some stuff we needed. Then we found a Starbucks for Dean. The rest of the morning we drove around seeing the area. We went to find the restaurant we want to go to Sunday night and it was in a great area called Kierland Commons. It was a lovely area with lots of high end shops. Dean and I went into Guess where he got a shirt and I got a sweater. We made our reservation at Zinc Bistro and walked around the area for a bit before driving back to the house. We brought home Subway for everyone and ate lunch outside on the lanai.

We put Becca down for a nap and then enjoyed time in the pool and sun. We had to wake Becca up at 4:15 so that she would sleep at night. Nanny and Papa made us a lovely dinner of roast chicken with mashed potatoes and all the extras. Yum! the girls went easily to bed at 7pm after their busy day. Mom and Dad went to the airport to pick up Jackie while Dean, myself, Nanny and Papa enjoyed some wine poolside. When Jackie arrived the girls were sound alseep so the 'older' girls (Mom, myself and Jackie) had an evening dip in the pool and reminisced about our recent cruise in January. Tonight we were in bed by 10pm and ready for another hot and sunny day!

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