Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jackie and Bella enjoy an early morning swim
Becca poses by some local flora

Nanny and Papa in the back yard enjoying some sun

Dean and Bella enjoy the pool

Ready to go out to dinner

This morning we were treated to a breakfast of bacon and pancakes prepared by my Dad. Another treat was that Jackie took Bella swimming in the pool so that I could get ready for church. Dean and Becca stayed home, but Bella, Dad, Papa and Nanny and I all went out to a local Catholic Church called St. Bernard's. It was beautiful and full of marble and you could tell there was a lot of money there - but very nice. We were all proud of Bella going off by herself to the Children's Liturgy and after Mass I even got two comments from people who felt the need to let me know how impressed they were with Bella's behaviour - we were very proud. Meanwhile, Dean and Becca enjoyed a nice a walk around the neighbourhood.

For lunch we had a nice barbeque of hotdogs and hamburgers. We said goodbye to Jackie as she had to leave for her flight at 2:30, and Becca and I had a nap while Dean and Bella played in the pool. We fed the girls a few more hotdogs and then gave them a bath and put them to bed (after watching the movie 'Aladdin'). Dean and I were lucky enough to have the rest of the night to ourselves while Mom and Dad watched over the girls while they slept.

We had made reservations at a restaurant called Zinc Bistro and it was fabulous. We loved it! It was a French restaurant and lived up to our expectations. The food and service was great. We had Ahi Tuna tartare, oysters on the half shell, filet mignon, duck, creme brulee and chocolate souffle. Very Yummy! By the time we were finished we were full and exhausted, so it was straight home to bed!

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