Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

An early morning swim

Bella and Grammie

Dad enjoys a beer in the hot tub

Dad barbeques up some steak and potatoes

Bella's makeshift bed on our floor.

Today was another great day. When we first got up we saw a bunny hopping around the yard and that thrilled the girls. Bella and I spent the early part of the morning in the pool and even Becca came in for a bit. We got out and got dressed and then Bella headed out to the Home and Garden Show with Mom, Dad, Nanny and Papa.

Becca, Jackie, Dean and I headed out to get some groceries and find some sushi for lunch. Groceries were easy. We shopped at a store called Fry's which Dad had suggested and we even picked up some interesting flavours of Girl Scout Cookies at a stand out front. (Different from what we get in Canada). Sushi was more challenging to find as the first two places we stopped at were only open in the evening. Finally, thanks to driving around and Jackie's iPhone app 'yelp' we were able to find a great one where we could get take out. We got a huge feast and enjoyed it back at the house.

We spent the afternoon playing by the pool and Dean was able to get in a nap. We even watched 'The Goonies'. We fed the little girls early so the adults could have a nice relaxing evening. For dinner Dean and I treated and we had some nice beef tenderloin along with some salads and fixin's. We all enjoyed each other's company before heading to bed at a reasonable hour.

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