Friday, March 11, 2011

Tuesday, March 8 - Coming Home

Becca says goodbye to her froggy roommate
Hanging out by the pool
4 generations of Matthews
Lunch at the airport

We had a fairly relaxing last morning. We did some packing, and the girls played outside in the rocks some more. The girls and I went for a walk with Mom and Dad and we took lots of pictures of the 4 generations together.

We left for the airport around 11am. Mom and Dad came with us to help with the return of the rental car and it all went smoothly. We checked our bags, cleared security and then enjoyed a leisurely lunch.

Our flight home was as uneventful as the flight there. The girls both sat perfectly and enjoyed their snacks and watched TV. We arrived in Calgary around 5:20pm. Getting our bags was hassle free and it was so convenient that we had left the car at the airport parkade. It was much cooler in Calgary but we were happy to be home and girls went right to sleep in their own beds.

What a great trip! We hope to do it again, and next time see more sights!

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