Friday, March 11, 2011

Monday, March 7 - Last full day in Scottsdale

In the backyard
Grampy teaching Bella to float
On a walk around the neighbourhood
Dean loves all the cacti
Bella underwater

This morning we got up and Dean did his workout like always and I headed out by myself for a few minutes to pick us each up a Starbucks. Then I left Bella, Becca and Dean behind with Dad and Papa so that Nanny, Mom and I could hit the mall. I really wanted to get some new Crocs. We took the 'scenic' route to get there and saw lots of great sights. We arrived at the mall around 10:45, hit the Crocs store where Mom got 1 pair, Nanny got 2 and I got 3 pairs! I'm not a big shopper and I wanted to get back to the rest of the family so we left right after that. W have good malls in Calgary so I didn't want to waste time inside.

Dean, Bella and Becca and I went out for lunch where we decided to try 'Whataburger'. We had never heard of it but it is definitely a chain burger place. We were impressed with how different it was than a burger place in Canada. When we ordered they gave us a table card and we put it on our table and they brought our food out to us when it was ready. then they kept walking around and offering to get us drink refills or take our garbage. Plus the burgers were good too!

After lunch we just hung out at the house, played in the pool even though it was very windy and went for a walk. For dinner we had a nice pork tenderloin roast and just sat around chatting in the evening. I taught Dad how to sync his iPhone and put music on it from his computer, which was good for him, but maybe not so good for the rest of us! We did a bit of packing before bed and settled in early.


  1. Dad didn't know how to sync his iPhone? Oh dear...I guess my crash course in iPhone basics when he got it over a year ago left out some critical information!

  2. "Scenic route" - How kind!! Thank you. :0)

    I love reading your blog!