Thursday, August 6, 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009 - Clam Harbour Beach

Today was Beach Day! We woke to an overcast day, but it wasn’t raining so nothing was going to keep us from going. Mom packed us a few snacks and beach toys and towels and then we stopped at Subway to grab sandwiches for the bulk of our lunch. Unfortunately Dad was scheduled to take some people on a fossil tour of Joggins, so he wasn’t able to come with us. We needed to take two cars to fit us all and fortunately I lucked out and got to be the passenger in Mom’s car while Dean followed in our rental with the girls. It was a great time for Mom and I to just relax and chat, and Dean had a pretty good drive too – well, except for when Isabella threw up.

We arrived at a foggy Clam Harbour Beach at noon and had our lunch up at the picnic tables before we headed down to the water. The water was quite cold at first but it didn’t stop us from going in. I sat Becca on the sand so that sometimes she was out of the water, however the larger waves would make it out to her. She liked splashing in the water and picking up (eating) sand, but she didn’t like it when a cold wave would sneak up and get her. I carried her out to jump in the waves with us but she didn’t really like that either. Becca spent most of her time in the shallow water while Isabella, Dean and I spent a lot of time out in the waves. Mom spent a lot of time with Becca on shore, but she was so fussy that I had to cut my water play short and join them.

We enjoyed some more snacks of cookies and cheesies and Bella has lots of fun digging holes and burying us in the sand. Around 2:30 we started the long process of packing up and trying to get the majority of sand off of the girls. After doing as good a job as we could we piled back into the cars and headed off to Heritage Village which was on the way home. This is a little area with actual relocated buildings from the 1940’s like a schoolhouse, church, house, barn etc. It was really fun to walk around and see how life was back then. Before we left we got some treats at the gift shop for the drive back. We headed back to our cars and were home in Truro by about 5pm.

Dad was already home and waiting for us and then he went out and got us some gorgeous 2 lb lobsters. We got Becca into bed and Bella set up in the TV room with the Garfield movie while the adults headed into the air conditioned apartment end of the house and had a feast. We watched the movie “Burn After Reading” and it was quite enjoyable. The lobster was delicious and we also enjoyed some of my grandfather’s homemade port. We were all in bed fairly early and I enjoyed reading some of my book.

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