Monday, August 3, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 - York Redoubt and The Dingle

We awoke very early this morning, around 6am, thanks to Becca’s short sleep. She didn’t sleep very long in the morning due to the sun coming in the bedroom. I got up with her and Dean had a shower. He then took Becca and walked over to Starbuck’s (yay! back to civilization).Shortly after Dean got home Dianne and Bella got up.

We started out our day by heading out to breakfast at Smitty’s and then came home and swam in the pool. We had a light lunch of soup and crackers and then we headed out to York Redoubt. We had a lot of fun walking on the paths and checking out the buildings and cannons. After about an hour we left and drove over the Sir Sanford Flemming Park (The Dingle) where Dean and I had our wedding pictures taken. Dean and Bella played on the playground while Becca and I sat by the water. Next we all climbed the stairs up to the very top of the Dingle Tower. It was kind of scary, but we all made it up and down safely. We continued to walk around the tower and Bella played in the water for a bit. On our way back to Dianne’s we stopped at Dairy Queen to have a nice cool treat.

We hit the pool again before dinner and got all cooled off before a chicken casserole. We had another quiet night in and Dianne and Isabella spent a lot of time at the piano. We decided to set up Rebecca in the bathroom with her bed, so that the sun wouldn’t wake her up. After we put Becca to bed, Dean and I headed down to the pool for some relaxation without kids! It was an early evening into bed.

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