Thursday, August 6, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009 - Halifax Natal Day

This morning we had a relaxing sleep in until 9am when we got up. After getting ready we headed over to Cec and Adele Murphy’s (Alana’s parents) to visit with them. We hadn’t been there since they had put in their pool, and it was overcast so we didn’t go in, but it was beautiful to look at so we sat outside and enjoyed iced cappuccinos.

We had our lunch at the Chicken Burger in Bedford which is quite a “tradition”. We all had cheeseburgers, onion rings and chocolate milkshakes. Next we headed into the Natural History Museum where we were quite entertained. We saw lots of live animals such as a tortoise which Bella got to pet, snakes, frogs and bees. We got to dig for fossils and build a salt molecule, plus lots of other things.

Upon leaving the museum we drove over to the Fairview Cemetery to visit Dean’s father’s grave. It was our first time having Becca there so that was special. And then we played hide and seek with the headstones because, although it is a solemn place, Dean Sr. was such a special man that we want the girls to think fondly of their late grandfather.

For dinner we had a lovely spaghetti casserole with salad and then Dean, Bella and Dianne headed out to Melville Heights for Dianne’s concert and Bella sang along with her during a special part. She was a very good girl, but was exhausted and dozed a little in Dean’s arms after her part. They came home and we all had dessert before heading into bed.

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