Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009 - Visiting Family

This morning we got to sleep in, as having Becca sleep in the bathroom worked and she slept in until 9am. We had a light breakfast and then got in the car to head back out to Truro for another visit. We arrived just in time for lunch which was a yummy salad and quiche. Mom and Dad had other visitors also with small children so it was a nice family style lunch. After lunch we headed into Middle Musquoboit to visit my Grandmother Pearl Higgins at her nursing home. It was a special family fun day so there were games and prizes and treats.

When we first arrived I surprised to see how great my Grandmother looked. She looked younger and more energetic than last summer when I saw her. She knew who I was, but she had some trouble remembering Dean. We went out to the back yard and went for a walk. Then we enjoyed some ice cream treats and Bella won a prize in the sucker pull game. Dean and I joined in the water balloon toss, and we almost won when Dean dropped our balloon and we ended up coming in second. After about an hour we all packed up and took my Grandmother out to see my Uncle Clary’s headstone. He passed away in June of 2008 and this was our first time seeing the headstone. It was pouring rain, but Dean and I braved the wet and went out to see it and my grandfather’s headstone, while everyone else waiting in the cars.

We said goodbye to everyone and headed back to Truro. Mom and Dad arrived shortly after us due to all of our wrong turns and taking all the back roads. We got the girls dinner and then got ready to head out to dinner. We went out with my cousin Kelly and her husband Glenn. They brought their daughter Olivia (5) over to my Mom and Dad’s for a “sleepover” while we were out. We headed out to a restaurant called Frank and Gino’s and had lots of cocktails! Except for Glenn who was driving (thanks Glenn!). Dinner was great and we got to chat lots. My fish and chips were disappointing, but the company was great! We headed back to Mom and Dad’s around 9:30 to find the girls calm and colouring. We visited a bit longer but then they went home and we all went to bed.

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