Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back to Truro - July 23

Olivia, Bella and Becca visiting the Bunnies
The girls each found a prize in the Easter Egg Hunt
Becca's first time on a big girl swing
We made a fairy dress
Leaving the fairy dress out for a fairy
Outside supper (Dean is doing his GQ pose)
Blue Jay

This morning we were in no rush to get up and going and the girls even let us sleep until 7:15! We spent the morning packing and said goodbye to Ron and Dianne who were leaving for New Brunswick around 9am. We were ready and in the car to pick up our last Starbucks for a while by 10:15 and on our way out to Truro.

Both Becca and I had a nice nap on the way out and we pulled in just in time to have lunch with Mom. After lunch we drove out to Wide Open Wilderness campground to visit the Desmonds at their summer home. The campground was celebrating Easter this weekend so we got to visit bunnies and chicks, the girls got to go on an Easter Egg Hunt and Bella even got to play in the pool with Olivia. It was very hot today so we enjoyed the air conditioned drive back and Dad was home now form his fossil day out.

We played out in the back yard for a bit and Becca tried her first time on a big girl swing. She loved it but the fun ended when she forgot to hold on and ended up falling off. Some very nice friends of Mom's came by to do some Stampin' Up trades and we had a nice outdoor dinner with fresh vegetables and bbq. The girls decided it would be a great place to find a fairy in the garden so they compiled what they knew about them and started looking. After not finding any they thought perhaps they should try another method so we ended up making a fairy dress to leave out in hopes that one will come and take it.

The girls were exhausted after their long day and both fell asleep within minutes of their heads hitting the pillow. We enjoyed a nice evening catching up on missed Big Brother Episodes and enjoying each other's company. Dean leaves first thing in the morning tomorrow so it wasn't a late night.

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