Sunday, July 24, 2011

Truro Raceway - July 24

Today's fairy dress creations
Girls watching horses at the Truro Raceway

The fairy house left overnight in the garden

This morning we said goodbye to Dean, bright and early around 6:45am, and he had an uneventful flight home which is always good. Apparently the movie Water For Elephants isn't as bad as we had thought it would be.

I had a really hard time waking up this morning and I kept sneaking back to bed, but the girls finally got me up to stay around 9:30am. They were ecstatic to find that not only had a fairy taken the dress we left last night, but that the fairy had built a house in the garden (thanks Mom!). So we spent this morning making 2 more dresses to leave out tonight. Mom and Dad have an awesome garden to get nice big leaves from and Mom's stamping supplies certainly allow us to add some flair.

Just after noon Dad went out to play golf and we headed out to the Truro horse races. I have never been to a horse race before and I was completely overhwhelmed at first, but after a bit I figured out what I was doing. We only bet on one horse per race to show (that means come first, second or third if you have no two clues like me). It cost $2 to place this bet per horse and my largest one time win was $3.90! I did not have beginner's luck and I came out about $15 in the hole, but it was fun and well worth the cost of an afternoon out. We also had lunch there and only in Nova Scotia can you play $13 and get a lobster roll with fries or salad, tea or coffee and strawberry shortcake! Very nice! The girls had fun picking horses to win and Bella had a great strategy where she waited until the end of their first lap and then picked the horse in the lead...unfortunately you couldn't wait this long to place your bet at the betting window. All in all we were there for 4 hours - 12 races and it was fun. Not nearly the sternum pounding horse power we experience at the Chuck Wagon races at Stampede, but still fun.

When we got home I put a movie on for the girls Dad made us a nice dinner of BBQ steak and fresh veggies. The girls had fun playing in the bath after dinner and even got to use some Avon body paint my Mom had picked up. Some of the colours were disappointing and there are no pictures since they were in the tub :)

They went to bed easily, and I started reading The Adventures of Bobby Coon to Bella, and being a chapter book that means I need to read 6 chapters a night so that we finish it in 4 nights (fortunately they are short chapters!). Mom, Dad and I watched a few episodes of the Criminal Minds Marathon on A&E but then it was time for bed since we are leaving the house at 8am tomorrow for our next adventure.

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