Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Flying to Nova Scotia

Thanks for coming to pick us up twice Dad!

That's 3:13am on the clock behind...

Our journey started off calmly enough. Dean drove us to the airport just after 9am for our 11am flight. I always like to travel early with the girls so that we don’t have to rush. There was no line at the Air Canada check in counter and we were quickly through to security. To make things go smoothly I always make sure we aren’t wearing any jewelry or belts or have any metal. So we walk through the detector and Becca made it go off. Everyone laughed at this tiny 2 year old who had to keep walking through. Turns out it was her light up sneakers that were catching the sensors. Once she walked through in socks it was fine.

We grabbed a yummy breakfast at Tim Horton’s plus a Starbucks for me and then we headed to our gate to wait about an hour. Our flight ended up being delayed until 11:30 but the girls were great at colouring and playing with the airport toys while we waited.

Our flight from Calgary to Toronto was uneventful. The girls watched TV and ate snacks and coloured while I even got to watch a full length movie “The Fighter”. We landed in Toronto to find our flight delayed about 20 minutes. We went and grabbed some dinner to take on the plane. We kept waiting for our flight to board but it kept taking longer. Again the girls were patient and coloured while they waited. About 45 minutes late we finally boarded the plane only to wait another 45 minutes on board for a crew change. Finally we were in the air, however our dinner was cold and soggy by then.

On this leg of the flight I watched “Red Riding Hood” which was as bad as the reviews said, but I still enjoyed it for a plane movie. The girls continued to watch TV on demand and were exceptional again. When we arrived in Halifax the fog was thick so we attempted to land but had to pull up. We circled for a bit in hopes that the weather would clear but eventually we got to our critical fuel point and had to divert to our back up airport which just happened to be Montreal! So off to Montreal we headed. The girls were very sad that they wouldn’t get to see their Grammie and Grampy and I was stressed over what to do with two very tired little girls. By now it felt like 10pm to them. Upon arriving in Montreal we were told we were refueling and heading right back to Halifax in hopes that the weather would clear by the time we got there. What a roller coaster of emotions! Becca finally fell asleep while Bella lasted until we started our descent before nodding off. This leg I got to watch most of “True Grit” but I still have the last 20 minutes to watch at some point. We were so excited to land and get our luggage and have Dad come pick us up. I had texted him from the run way. It was 3:13am by the time we made it into the terminal to get our luggage.

Mom had gotten up to see us when we arrived at the house and we were all snuggled in bed and happy to be in Truro finally by 5am.


  1. My goodness! What an ordeal. I always seem to have problems with my flights into Halifax. Cross your fingers for me on Friday.

  2. I'll be waiting up for you, but only for a reasonable amount of time if the same thing happens to you :) Looks like rain and fog for Friday night also!