Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15 in Nova Scotia

Playing with a bird call Mom and Dad got for the girls

Today was a rather quiet day in Truro. We slept in a little bit and then got up to have a nice breakfast of pancakes made by Dad and Bella. In the morning the girls did some art work and played outside and then Mom and I went out to the grocery store while Dad took the girls for a walk around the block in the wheel barrow. Becca really wanted a ride in a wagon and they didn't have one so Dad took them out in their wheel barrow - what a good sport.

I picked up some lobster for Dad and I to have for lunch and then we watched Anne of Green Gables. I thought Bella would enjoy it, but it was a bit too long for her. Later in the afternoon we dug out the lego and the girls had fun playing with that. It was very cool and windy today so no one felt like playing outside for too long.

We had a great chicken dinner at home before calling it a night. Dean takes the red eye from Calgary tonight and we can't wait to see him tomorrow him. Also, my sister Jackie arrives from her home in Columbus OH tonight and we are also looking forward to spending time with her!

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