Thursday, July 21, 2011

York Redoubt and Crystal Crescent Beach - July 21

Bella, Julie, Becca and dogs at York Redoubt
Julie hiding behind a rock at Crystal Crescent
Dean on the blanket, Bella in the water and Becca in the sand at our private alcove
Warming up in Dianne's pool

After staying up too late last night we had a hard time getting up this morning, but fortunately we always have the girls to get us going. This morning I was woken up by Becca standing beside my bed, stark naked, holding her diaper asking “Where this go, Mommy?” Needless to say that gets you up and going quickly :)

We got ready at a slow pace and finally got out the door around 9:30am. We stopped at Walmart to pick up some buckets and shovels for the girls and then made our daily stop at Starbucks. We drove out to York Redoubt where we had lots of fun climbing on cannons, playing hide and seek, climbing on rocks and just hiking around. Becca even to play with some dogs that were there.

Around 11:30 we stopped at Subway to pick up some subs for a picnic and then we drove out to Crystal Crescent Beach. The weather wasn’t as nice as we had hoped and it ended up being about 20C with wind. We were really lucky to get a great secluded spot in a little alcove where we got to set up on warm sand while being very close to wet sand and waves. We made sand castles and played with the molds that came with the buckets. Dean and Bella went for a long walk climbing on rocks as they went. The water was ice cold, the kind that you eventually get numb too, you never actually get used to it. Becca still prefers to be on the sand when it’s that cold, but Bella and I had fun going in up to our knees!

We got back to the condo around 3:30 and went for a swim in the pool. The wind made it so cold but the water was so warm that as long as you kept your shoulders in you were fine. Even Becca came in.

We got the girls a treat of McDonalds for dinner and put them to bed and we were fortunate enough to have Dianne and Ron watch them while Dean and I went out to dinner. We started with a cocktail at the Fife and Drum at the Marriott before heading over to our 8pm reservation at Salty’s. We had a delicious, yet way too big dinner of lobster bisque, portebello mushroom stuffed with lobster and goat cheese, smoked salmon, pan seared scallops and the daily special which was salmon with a tomato salsa served with asparagus and a fabulous crab risotto. For dessert we split a very refreshing lemon creme brulee.

The rain that had started around 7pm had cleared so we enjoyed a nice, calm walk along the waterfront over to the Casino. It was a successful night and we walked away with $140 more than we went in with. We got home to find out the girls had gone right to sleep for Ron and Dianne so we decided to join them and headed into bed ourselves.

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