Monday, July 25, 2011

Burlington - July 25

Aunt Pam's cottage (house) in Burlington
Bella leading Dancer (with help)
That saddle is heavy!
Aunt Pam, Dancer and Bella
The girls checking out Dancer and Dolly

Our plan was to wake up bright and early today to head out, but it turned out Mom had an appointment at 9:15 so we got to sleep in and get a later start to our day. The girls were excited to see that fairies had taken the dresses they left out again and tomorrow we plan to build them another house.

We got on the road and stopped at Subway to pick up lunch and Shopper's Drug Mart to get Bella some new earrings since we discovered she had lost one this morning. We took the back roads out to Lower Burlington - my Mom and Dad will always choose back roads if given the option. The drive was beautiful, but a little too windy for my stomach. We arrived just before 1pm and we loved it. My Aunt and Uncle have been building a cottage and barn on their property and it is just such a special place - so secluded, with great views and lots of room Dancer and Dolly (the horse and pony).

After lunch, my Aunt Pam indulged us by taking Bella for a ride on Dancer. Not only did she take her for a ride, but she gave Bella her first riding lesson. This was Bella's first time on anything other than a pony. Becca asked for a turn but as soon as I lifted her up she started squirming to get down, so she didn't even get to sit on Dancer. It was very special to watch Aunt Pam working with Bella. She is such a gifted, patient teacher and Bella was just absorbing her every word. She was very excited to get a chance to ride, lead and just generally help out with Dancer, and I appreciated her having the opportunity. This will certainly be a new, regular stop on our annual Nova Scotia visit.

We left around 4pm and took the highway back to Truro - much easier to stomach. I had set up the wading pool before leaving and it was nicely warmed up by the time we got home. Bella played in it for a bit while Becca played with the wagons. We had a nice dinner outside before getting the girls to bed a little bit late for the second night in a row. Tomorrow we have a relaxing day in Truro planned.

PS: Turns out our visit to the race track yesterday ended up in the Chronicle Herald today! Check out our picture here

Bella riding Dancer:

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