Saturday, July 23, 2011

Halifax - July 22

Ron Arsenault and Friends perform at Cameron Hall

Girls enjoying ice cream on the waterfront
on the Sackville

Becca works on her shell collection

Today was a nice hot day in Halifax. Of course we started out day at Starbucks and then went for a bit of a drive. Our first stop was Fairview cemetery to visit the grave sites of Dean’s father and Uncle Tommy. The girls were also quite interested in the many graves of the Titanic victims buried there. We drove around the grounds of Dalhousie before heading along Young Street on our way to Point Pleasant Park.

At Point Pleasant Park we spent the morning along the shore collecting shells and mistaking pieces of floating wood for seals. The girls had a blast looking for treasures although Becca was not pleased with the number of crab shells she encountered.

We drove back down to the water front, grabbing a quick lunch at a food court before proceeding to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. The was a visiting display of the history of Homosexuality in the Navy which coincided with Pride week 2011 going on also this week. The girls were quite fascinated with the Titanic display after seeing the graves this morning. We spent some time out on the ships Acadia and Sackville and the girls always have fun exploring and posing for pictures.

We went for a walk along the board walk to Sugah where we got more ice cream. Today I got chocolate mixed with toasted coconut - it was delicious. We sat out on some nearby grass and stonework to enjoy it. We walked back to the car and got back to the condo around 4pm. Dean and Bella went out for a dip, but Becca and I stayed in and I got a head start on some packing for tomorrow.

We had a delicious dinner of pan fried scallops, asparagus and sweet potato fries. After dinner we met a new girl, Alyssa, who was going to babysit Bella and Becca. We walked over to Cameron Hall where Dianne and others were doing a “pub night” at the seniors complex. We were there from 7:30 to 8:30 and then on our walk back we stopped to get frappaccinos from Starbucks. We got back to the condo by 9pm and visited with Ron and Dianne before heading to bed.

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