Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 14 in Nova Scotia

Poor Becca got trapped by a bunny and geese! Don't worry, we got her down...eventually (it involved a staff member!)

This morning we set the alarm and dragged ourselves out of bed so we could get onto Nova Scotia time. It would have been easier if I hadn't stayed up until almost 1am playing games on the iPad!! The girls were thrilled to have fruit loops for breakfast and then we headed out to Shubenacadie to visit the wildlife park. The girls had fun, and Bella even managed to feed the deer directly from her hand without screaming and running away at the last minute. Becca still prefers the 'throw the food at them' method. I really admire how they provide the appropriate food in dispensers for the animals so that you can feed them, but it's not harming their natural diet.
I let them spend a few minutes at the playground before we began the half hour ride back to Truro. We stopped to pick up some popsicles to have at the house and then headed home. Mom had ordered some yummy Greco pizza for us and we lucked out because it was late so we got it for free!
After lunch we drove into Middle Mosquodoboit to visit my Grandmother in her home for special care. She is suffering from alzheimer's and it was quite sad to see how far she has deteriorated in the past year. The girls brought her flowers and I'm really glad we got to see her today even though she doesn't know we were there. After our very brief visit we drove out to the homestead and visited with my Uncle Cale who is living back here now.
We drove home and then watched the Tinkerbell movie again. We didn't really have dinner due to our snacks in the afternoon, but we had a few little snacks to get something nutritious into the girls. We spent some time in Mom's Stamping Studio where the girls played with stamps, made crafts and Becca got to practice her cutting skills. She's getting better everyday. It was a bit harder to get them to bed tonight, but now they are sleeping and I am on my second episode of Big Brother 13 for the day :) It will be bedtime soon!

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