Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To Halifax - July 18

We had a leisurely morning doing laundry and packing up while in Truro today. Just as it was time to load the car it started to pour and everything got wet, but it dried easily so no harm done. We left Truro around 12:30pm to drive into Bedford to enjoy lunch at the Chicken Burger. Funnily enough none of us ever get chicken burgers and instead we opted for cheeseburgers, onion rings and chocolate milkshakes - yum!

We got into Dianne's just before 2pm and Bella immediately wanted to hit the pool. It was cool and overcast so Becca and I decided to watch from the side but Dean got in with Bella and they had the whole pool to them selves. We enjoyed a nice dinner at home before Dianne, Bella and I went out to the Bedford Berkley where Dianne's band was playing for the seniors. Bella got to make a contribution by singing along with Nanny plus doing a solo of ABCs. The bassist brought her a microphone and she was in her glory! Even Ron got up to sing a song accompanied by Dianne - he was very good!

We got back to the condo around 8:30 and I put Bella straight to bed. Dean had already gotten Becca to sleep while we were out. Ron came back too and we enjoyed a few cocktails before heading to bed.

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