Monday, July 12, 2010

Back to Truro - July 12

After a fitful sleep, Becca woke me up around 7:30. Today was our day to get ready to leave Halifax for the last time before flying home so we weren't rushing to get away. We took our time having breakfast, packing and watching movies before heading out into the rain for our drive into Truro. We made sure to get some good pictures of the girls with their Nanny until we see her again.

We hit the road and our first stop was to return books and DVDs to the library next door. Next we headed to King Of Donair to pick up some yummy authentic Halifax donairs, however they wouldn't be ready for another half an hour so we had to settle for Starbuck's. We called ahead to Truro and got my Mom to place an order for us at Greco so we ended up picking up pizza, garlic fingers (they don't have them in Calgary) and donairs. Dean wasn't as impressed, but I was happy!

After lunch we just had a lazy day. Some people napped, others read while others played. At 6:00pm Dean and I went out with my cousin Kelly and her husband Glenn so that we could have a nice dinner out. We had Chinese Food at Chow Family and then went for a walk at the Kiwanis Park. Afterward Kelly took us for a drive around Bible Hill and Truro to see some sights and help us get some ideas for tomorrow. It was a pretty early night for us and tomorrow is our last day in Nova Scotia.

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