Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rainy Day in Halifax - July 10

Jason, Lyndsay and Dean

Bella helps Nanny prepare the salads

Matthew and Dianne

At Halifax Citadel

This morning we set our alarm for 8am and got up and ready to head to breakfast across from Dianne's at Smitty's. We walked over through the fog and wind and then enjoyed huge portions and didn't come close to finishing it all. It was very yummy though. Becca didn't enjoy their bacon as much as she likes Grampy's!

We got on the road around 10:30am to find some adventures, only to find out that the Discovery Centre didn't open until 1pm and the Natural History Museum didn't open until noon. We were quite disappointed, especially me being the jr high Science teacher. We couldn't really go back when they opened since Becca's naps at 1:00pm and she would just be fussy if we were out then. So we drove for a bit checking out Dean's old Alma Matter Armbrae Academy and then Dalhousie University where we both graduated from. It was nice to visit our old stomping grounds.

Eventually at 11:30am we decided to visit Citadel Hill. I was surprised to find out Dean doesn't remember ever going there although he must have with school at some point. We got all bundled into our rain coats as it was now raining and paid the $26.55 for the two adults to gain admission (it's free for kids 6 and under). We got there just in time to hear about the noon day gun and see it fired. Neither girl was scared and there was no crying - and we had a front row seat (stand?).

We explored a bit, listened to some bag pipes and played some hide and seek before calling it a day around 12:30 and heading back to the car. After our big breakfast we weren't hungry for lunch so we just went to Dairy Queen for dessert. It was quite a messy experience but at least the girls were wearing rain coats!

We stopped by the Chapters next door but we didn't get anything so we just headed back to Dianne's so that Becca could have a proper nap this afternoon. The rest of us just relaxed either by reading, playing on the computer, watching TV or colouring.

In the evening we were treated to a lovely dinner with Matthew, Lyndsay and her boyfriend Jason. Since they all had to work tomorrow they called it a night at 9pm. We watched a couple of episodes of Criminal Minds and then headed to bed ourselves. Back to Truro tomorrow.

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