Monday, July 5, 2010

Trenton - July 5

Bella underwater in Nanny's Pool

Bella "playing" with Nanny at her concert

Dean with Aunt Ella

The girls playing the piano in Trenton

This morning we woke up, packed the car and Dianne met us at my parents house at 10am. We drove out together in our car to Trenton in Pictou County to visit Aunt Ella (Dean Sr.'s sister) and Uncle Brundage. We were treated by the fact that cousins Veronica and Karen were there also. We had a fabulous visit with everyone and then a lovely cold plate lunch filled with cold cuts, veggies and a delicious potato salad (an annual favourite of mine) made by 90 year old Aunt Ella. The girls gobbled up their lunch but opted for chocolate cookies for dessert instead of the yummy dessert made by Veronica - it was a layers of meringue in between layers of cool whip mixed with crushed pineapple and maraschino cherries - Yum!

We headed out by 1pm for the drive back (in time for Becca's nap) Both girls had a nice snooze. We stopped in Truro to drop off Dianne and let her pick up her car before heading the rest of the way into Halifax.

It was a quite a humid day so as soon as we arrived we got changed into swim suits and headed into the pool. It was very refreshing although Becca refused to even put her toes in and instead opted to spend some quality time with Nanny at poolside while Bella played with Mommy and Daddy.

The girls had a nice dinner of KD while the adults opted to wait until later for a dinner of big Nova Scotia Scallops. Dean, Bella and Dianne headed out to Melville Gardens where Dianne plays for seniors every month. Bella is her special guest and sings and "plays" along with her. Tonight Bella even got to sing "ABCs" as a solo (check out the video)

They got home around 8:30 and we got Bella settled in bed - although it's now past 10:30 and she's still awake in there. We had a fabulous scallop dinner over a nice bottle of wine however it took quite a while to be ready and had to go back in the oven when it wasn't completely cooked the first time. While we waited we got a call from Bobby Arvon (Happy Days Theme Song singer) who is also in Halifax for a visit. He and Dean had a nice chat and then dinner was finally ready. After a nice conversation we headed into bed.

Video of Bella playing with Nanny

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