Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shubenacadie and Stewiacke - July 8

Why we don't have 3 kids!

The girls checking out a snake

A black bear

Becca loved the skunk

Becca feeding the duck

Olivia and Bella feeding ducks

This morning we planned to get up early and we had to WAKE the girls up! How does that always happen? My cousin Kelly dropped off her daughter Olivia to join us and we headed off by 8:45am to the Provincial Wildlife Park in Shubenacadie. It's only about a 25 minute drive from Truro and the three girls were all packed in the back with their booster and car seats.

It only cost $10.25 for the 5 of us to get in to the park and I was amazed. We got covered in sunscreen (because it was a hot day - over 30 degrees Celsius) and lots of bug spray (the park is pretty much in the woods) and we headed in. The girls had a blast looking at all of the animals but Becca had the most fun. She was always pointing to the animals and wanting to be lifted up on the fences surrounding them like Bella and Olivia - it was pretty cute. We stopped at every animal feeding station however the deer wouldn't come over for a snack. The water fowl loved the girls and kept coming to them to get fed corn from the feeding stations. By the end even Becca was getting good at throwing corn. We got to see lots of native Canadian Animals - black bear, moose, wolves, Dall's sheep, skunks, raccoons, porcupines, foxes plus many more.

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Before leaving we visited the Greenwing Centre (about water conservation) and the girls got to play with microscopes, touch lots of animal pelts, and the worker even took out a couple of small snakes for us to look at up close. By 11:30 we were ready to go and we drove about 5 minutes back into Stewiacke for lunch at Dairy Queen.

We dropped Olivia back home (she also lives in Truro) and then brought Becca back to my parents' for a nap. Dean enjoyed some time in the sun and then had a nap in our cool, air conditioned bedroom. Bella, Mom and I spent the afternoon in the air conditioned Stampin' Up Studio end of the house and I relaxed while Mom did some work and Bella did lots of colouring and cutting.

At 3:30 we woke up Becca and the girls headed over to Kelly's house to visit more with their family. This time we alsogot to see my Aunt Bonnie, Kelly's husband Glenn and their oldest son Vonte) It was a nice visit for an hour where we got to chat, play with toys and look at pictures from their recent trip to Disney World (ideas for October 2011!). Eventually Becca had a dirty diaper and we were no longer welcome (not really) so we headed back to my parents' place.

My dad got home from meetings and Dean woke up from his nap and we enjoyed a nice snack of nachos and dip while the girls ate their dinner on the deck. After getting the girls settled into bed we had a late dinner of rotisserie beef and fresh garden vegetables (from my Grandfather yesterday and the farmer's market). Another great day spent with family! Tomorrow we head back to Halifax.

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