Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Truro - Last Day in NS - July 13

The Truro Tidal Bore

Bella inspects the Bay of Fundy mud

Our little princess

This morning we slept in and didn't get up until around 9:30am! We just laid around the house and really relaxed on our last day. We fed Becca her lunch and then Dean and I took Bella out for a fun afternoon just with us. First we went to McDonalds where we got our last taste of McLobsters and Bella had a blast playing on the indoor playground.

Next we headed out to see the Tidal Bore which we hadn't seen before. We got there about half an hour early so we walked around and played by the Salmon River while we waited. Bella had a lot of fun being able to just run and not having to worry about sharing our attention with Becca. We were amazed by how many people were actually there. We expected about half a dozen people there but there were well over 50. People brought blankets and folding chairs and a couple of guys even brought beer! It was actually quite interesting to watch - and we are really glad that we went to see it. In the gift shop at the Palliser Restaurant we bought a children's picture book that illustrated the song Farewell to Nova Scotia and two shirts for the girls that say "I love my Nova Scotia Roots".

After we went for a scenic drive and then took Bella to a large playground where we all had fun. We got back to my parents' place and Becca was still napping so we continued to just relax. We gave the girls their dinner and put them to bed. Bella is having a hard time falling asleep since she is sad about leaving.

We had a lovely last dinner of haddock and fresh vegetables followed by cheesecake and Mom made rhubarb pie. We sat around and chatted, but had an early night with such a big travel day tomorrow.

Tomorrow we fly home at 7:45am which means getting up around 4:30am!

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  1. Hey Honey - I love your blog posts, even when I'm there with you!