Saturday, July 3, 2010

Victoria Park - Truro - July 3

Today I had a hard time waking up, but Bella and Dean were off and playing tennis bright and early. We watched the Wimbledon Ladies final (Yay Serena!) and then headed off to Victoria Park. The girls had a blast on the swings, the slides and Bella even braved the spraying water.

We had a delicious lunch of fish and chips and then a nice afternoon in the garden. Dean got a lot of sun, while I set up the pool for Isabella. We all visited and chatted all afternoon. Around 4:30 we tried to go play tennis all together, but Becca would have none of it. Every time I picked up my racket she scream for me - we'll have to try again without Becca.

We gave the girls a light dinner and a bath and sent the to bed. Later, Dad barbequed a chicken on his rotisserie and we paired with some lovely fresh, local vegetables. It was delicious. We went for a stroll in the garden before the mosquitoes got the better of us and we decided to head in. We visited for a bit more before calling it tonight. Tomorrow we plan to head out and find a beach!

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