Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Halifax - July 6

Becca and Dean in Point Pleasant Park

Dean and Bella on top of the "castle"

The Chicken Burger!

At the Public Gardens

This morning Becca woke me up a bit early at 7am and she had no intention of laying in bed with us, so up we got and had some breakfast. We had a lazy morning, taking our time to eat, shower and get dressed and we finally headed out by 9:30am and down to the Public Gardens.

The girls had a great time at the gardens, tossing coins into fountains, making wishes and running over bridges. They are so beautiful, and on a less than sunny Tuesday morning we pretty much had them to ourselves.

At 10:30 we headed over to Point Pleasant Park and checked out the new beach (the harbour has recently been opened to swimming again thanks for better water treatment). We saw two lifeguards working there, but the sign said the water was 14 degrees Celcius so no one was in the water. We walked along the paths, climbed on some ruins and visited some squirrels. Bella and Dean played Sleeping Bleauty on the top of a ruined “castle” while Becca was entertained by all of the squirrels running around. When we first started coming to Point Pleasant Park years ago there were lots of squirrels, but after Hurricane Juan they had diminished so it was nice to see so many again.

Becca started to get fussy so we headed back to the car. We drove through the shipyard and saw lots of containers, trains and even a cruise ship. We made our way through Halifax into Bedford where we went to the Chicken Burger for lunch - yummy!

We came home for Becca’s nap and Bella and I walked over to the library were we got books and movies to watch this afternoon. It was quite over cast, and although it wasn’t raining, we figured it was a good idea to plan an indoor afternoon just in case. I didn’t screen the books before we took them out and they are LONG! I read three books and it took 45 minutes - that’s long in book terms for a 5 year old - but most impressively was that she sat through them all. Poor girl, she just wanted to snuggle right up against me and it was so hot and humid that I wanted to be miles away. I kept reminding myself that this was special bonding time and I got through it. (but I did need a glass of water at the end - even I found that a long time to talk.)

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching Disney’s The Jungle Book and TV and just playing with the stuffed toys Dianne has for the girls. Dean got a lot of reading done (Gone With The Wind) before heading out to run a few errands with Bella. Becca woke up around 4:30 and we fed the girls dinner when Dean and Bella got back at 5:30. The girls got a yummy treat of rainbow sherbet before heading in for a bath.

Tonight we had a feast of Sushi (thanks to Dean’s ordering and paying) from Sushi Nami just down the street from Dianne’s. It is our second year ordering from them and again we were not disappointed. We had a variety of sashimi, rolls and tempura appetizers that filled us up and did not disappoint. Both girls were asleep by 8:30pm which was a great treat and we decided to end the night watching Criminal Minds (since they don’t get A&E in Truro! - people CAN, it’s just that my parents don’t). Tomorrow we are into Beaver Bank and Truro.

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