Friday, July 9, 2010

Halifax - July 9

Lobster Chowder! (yes everything you see is lobster) - Yum!

Dinner at Salty's

Becca and Dean check out pictures on the computer on Nanny's Patio

Bella needed a time out!

Family fun at the playground on the waterfront

Lunch at Murphy's

This morning was nice and relaxing for us. My parents made us blueberry pancakes and then took the girls out to a playground so we could have a bit of a break! I loved it and I think everyone had fun.

We got on the road at 11:30am to head in to Halifax and because the weather forecast doesn't look great for the weekend we decided to head down to the waterfront for a bit. We had a nice lunch at Murphy's (I had a lobster wrap and Dean had a lobster quesadilla) and Bella even tried her first bite of lobster, but she gave it a thumbs down. Oh well, more for us. We walked along the board walk and played at a playground before heading back to Dianne's.

Today was the hottest day yet so we immediately headed to the pool. We didn't bother to bring the camera, but then Becca ended up coming in the water and she LOVED it! We all enjoyed cooling off and then came back in for a relaxing afternoon.

Dianne took care of feeding the girls while Dean and I got ready for our night out. We put Becca to bed and then left Bella and Dianne watching a movie and we headed out around 7pm. We arrived a bit early for our 8pm reservation at Salty's so we walked around a bit before heading in. We ended up getting the best table right at the very front by a window so we had a wonderful view. We were both quite disappointed that it wasn't air conditioned since it was an uncomfortably hot day.

We had a fabulous dinner. We both had the lobster chowder to start and then we shared some mussels. For a main course I had some baked scallops with a sweet red pepper Thai sauce and Dean had poached halibut. Both were served with an exquisite lemon spinach risotto and vegetables. Dean had a nice lemon creme brulee for dessert and an espresso, while I had a millionaire's coffee (Kahlua, Bailey's and Frangelico with whipped cream).

After dinner we walked over to the Casino where we both played $40 and both won $100. However, I walked out with mine... We decided to check out the night life so we drove around the old bars we used to frequent and places like pizza corner just to see what was going on. It was a fun night!

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