Saturday, July 10, 2010

Overcast in Halifax - July 10

Nova Scotia lieutenant-governor — Mayann E. Francis

Dean teaches the girls about mines

The girls do some research on shipwrecks

Sailboats in the Halifax Harbour

Girls in the toy boat (Becca was being safe)

Bella fires the guns on the Sackville

Crystal Crescent Beach

At the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

This morning we got a lovely treat from the girls and got to sleep in until 9:30am! That was very nice after a late night out. Unfortunately we woke to a rainy day, but we made the best of it. We left Dianne’s around 11:00am and our first stop was Starbucks (as usual). Then we made our way downtown to the waterfront where we visited the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. The girls got to see a variety of boats and even talked to a Macaw! They had a pretend boat for kids to go in and colour and wear life jackets and they enjoyed that.

We also headed outside and got to go on both the Acadia and the Sackville. Today was the start of a sailing race from the Halifax Harbour to Saint Pierre and the harbour was just filled with more than 50 sailboats all of different sizes. It was really interesting to watch as each class of boat got its own start so there were official Navy officers there firing a cannon for each start. It was very exciting to watch and we even got to see the Nova Scotia lieutenant-governor — Mayann E. Francis who was escorting someone representing St. Pierre. It was all very formal.

After visiting the boats we drove up to Fairview Cemetery to visit Dean’s father’s burial site. It wasn’t actually raining then so we were able to get out and walk around for a bit. It’s also the cemetery where a large number of Titanic victims are buried so it is quite interesting.

We had lunch at the Applebee’s back by Dianne’s and although the food was good we had terrible service. We had a brand new waitress who kept forgetting to bring things, like the girls’ drinks and our appetizer arrived half way through our main course. I realize that we all need to be trained in a new job, but with little kids you need be on your game! Becca pretty much screamed the whole time. Fortunately there were only about 5 other tables of customers in the whole restaurant.

After lunch we went for a long drive out the Herring Cove Road to let Becca have a nap. We drove quite a while and ended up at Crystal Crescent Beach (out by Sambro). I had forgotten all about it - it is kind of like a baby Clam Harbour. It has gorgeous white sand and huge waves - of course it is also ice cold like Clam Harbour, but nice to have an option less than an hour drive from Dianne’s. There were lots of rocks to climb on also, and bathrooms. It also had fairly blue skies out there compared to the dark rainy ones in Halifax today. Its was quite windy and Becca did not enjoy her time there, but I think on a warmer, less windy day she would like it.

We drove back into Dianne’s and watched a kid’s movie while the girls had their dinner. We enjoyed cocktails and then put the girls to bed so we could enjoy a yummy (if not way too hot) dinner of rack of lamb, asparagus and potatoes. Tomorrow is supposed to rain even harder so we'll see what we come up with!

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