Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day - July 1st

We had a difficult time waking up this morning at 8:30 and we had to wake both girls. We grabbed a quick breakfast before heading out to the Canada Day parade. The parade started at 10:30 and we were amazed at how much room was still available along the streets just minutes before it began. We got a great spot across from Starbuck's on Spring Garden Road (and a drink) and waited for the Nova Scotia Tattoo Parade to begin. It was filled with lots of marching bands, gymnasts, unicyclists, dancers and of course bagpipes! All from around the world (Canada, USA, Germany, Holland, France, Estonia etc)

After the parade we headed down to the waterfront to catch the Ferry to Alderny Landing in Dartmouth. They had cake and flags and we mostly went to meet up with an old friend Rose Cousins, who was doing a sound check getting ready to perform later that day. It's always great to meet up with old Dalhousie friends.

We grabbed a quick lunch at McDonalds on the way home and then Becca had a nap while the rest of us watched a short kids movie.

Dianne (Nanny) was having a Canada Day party at her condo's pool so we headed down. There were hotdogs and snacks and Bella and Dean even braved the water. Unfortunately it started to rain so we headed inside. We watched another movie, put the girls to bed and then had a nice visit with Dianne before turning in ourselves. Tomorrow we head to Truro!

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