Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beaver Bank, Middle Musquodoboit and Truro - July 7

Dad prepares lobster!

My Grandmother Pearl Higgins and Girls
my Mom, Bella and Becca on the swing at Great Grammie's

My Grandparents Bill and Edna Matthews

Bella sits on my Aunt Pam's lap while Dean enjoys the sun

For some reason, Becca got up at 5:30am this morning...not impressed. I think it's because her bedroom at home has a black out blind, and when we stay at Dianne's the blinds don't block any light so she wakes up with the sun. I tried to get her to lay down with us but that only last until about 6am. So we got up and had some breakfast and watched TV. Dean, feeling badly for me, got up early too. We were all showered, dressed, packed and on the road by 9am which was a record for us this trip!

We first stopped at Clearwater along the Bedford Highway to pick up some lobster. The girls loved watching them in the tank, however when the employee took one out and put it on the floor for them to see up close they both ran away. We'll get them to be Maritime girls yet!

We continued on to Beaver Bank where we visited with my Grandparents (who just celebrated their 60th anniversary in June) and as a treat, my Aunts Pam and Bonnie stopped by to visit. It was very hot there but they have a nice deck with an awning to provide shade which helped a little. The girls were treated to ice cream and cookies and loved it there, but after an hour it was time to get on the road. We said our sweaty goodbyes and got into the air conditioned car for our drive to Truro.

We had a nice cool lunch in Truro and then Bella, Becca, my Mom and myself drove out to Middle Musquodoboit to visit my Grandmother. The girls were quite well behaved and were even treated to ice cream and cookies again. After our visit we drove out to see some family headstones in Elderbank and my Grandparents homestead before my grandfather passed away and my grandmother moved into a home. It was filled with memories seeing it again.

While we were visiting Dean and my Dad braved the heat to play nine holes of golf. We got home about the same time and it was HOT. The girls had a dinner of hotdogs while the adults got to eat the lobster we had picked up that morning. We headed to bed early since we wanted to be on the road at 8:30am to drive into the Wildlife Park.

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