Sunday, July 4, 2010

Heather Beach - July 4

This morning we got up and ready to hit the road. We had researched a beach online that we thought MIGHT be acceptable. We have high beach expectations after having just been in Maui. This beach was listed to be sandy and warm (well, warm by Nova Scotia standards) so we decided to check it out. We stopped by Subway to grab a picnic lunch and then we hit the road by 10:30am. It was a pretty straight forward trip until we hit the toll highway. We didn't know it was coming, and since I didn't want my purse at the beach I had left it in Truro and we didn't have any cash. The toll ended up being $4 so we assumed they would take debit or credit or at least have a cash machine on site - but no such luck. Fortunately we are in good old friendly Nova Scotia where they just gave us an IOU and asked us to pay $8 on our way back. Gotta love Nova Scotia!

We got to the beach around 11:30 to find a nice, red, sparsely filled beach with an air temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and a water temperature of 19 degrees Celsius! Of course it was freezing at first, but it certainly didn't make you go numb and it was quite pleasant once you got in. We played in the water for a bit, however Becca preferred to play nearby in the sand as usual. Mom and Dad joined us and then Dean and I got to go out deeper in the water - which was far out, but still not up to our waist - while they watched the girls on shore. Becca was quite fussy as it was past her nap time so our deep water adventure was called off prematurely and we all headed back to the cars. Bella was excited to drive back in the car with Grammie and Grampy and both Becca and Bella enjoyed naps on the way home (and in case you were wondering we DID pay our IOU on the way back)

We got back to the house around 2:30 and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with a few drinks, playing in the wading pool and just watching the girls enjoy each other. We had a nice barbeque dinner of burgers, bathed the girls and put them to bed. We spent the evening keeping each other company and watching Evan Almighty - a great movie - safe for everyone!

Tomorrow we will head to Trenton to visit family and then back to Halifax.

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