Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nova Scotia! June 30

Today we had a nice and easy flight to Nova Scotia departing Calgary a little late, just before 1pm Calgary time. Isabella loved the flight, especially the part where people kept bringing her free pop! She watched some TV, some movies, read a magazine and worked in a workbook - she is great on planes. Rebecca had a short nap on Dean's lap and watched a bit of TV, but mostly she wanted to get down - which she couldn't so she was a bit a frustrated, but we made it.

We arrived in Halifax just before 8:30pm Halifax time and were met by my parents: Brian and Carol (or Grammie and Grampy) We grabbed a quick dinner at Burger King while we visited with them at the airport. We grabbed our rental car (a Ford Escape) and drove the 30 minutes into Halifax. We got the girls all settled in bed by 10:30 and they were tired and went right to sleep. Dean's Mom, Dianne, got home from the Nova Scotia Tattoo around 11:30 and we had a short visit before going to bed.

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